Brand Manager for Pro Athletes

Calling all Professional Athletes

I am Ranisha Grice a Creative Director, Brand Manager, and Marketing Communications for Pro Athletes. Enhancing the fan experience for my clients. I focus on a wide range of digital platforms. I use digital platforms to keep up with ongoing analysis, insights, and opportunities for advancement. I get excited when I’m working on projects with people who believe in me. I help my clients reach their fans and consumers with tracking key performances (In other words things that work). Performing at an executive level, general office duties, email, brand packages, and fan mail handling, also I have to keep all material confidential with the highest level of integrity. Here’s my philosophy this strategy is designed to give my clients a simple step into leadership and help them become an influence that will keep them at the top of their game. My core values are being beneficial and performing at a high level.

Here’s a list of things I will do for you:

Build a Solid Plan: You need a strong brand presence. Solid marketing strategies and public relations.

Positive Recognition: Don’t know where to start? I’ll help you create a charity foundation idea. I’m someone who believes in legacy. What’s an inheritance with no legacy?

Crisis Management: Please tell me you are thinking about your reputation? Some things are not my business, but when it comes to the media as a fan it then becomes my business. Clean your name up. More profits less damage control.

Accountability: I like to keep people on track and hold them accountable. I’m definitely not telling you what you want to hear I’m telling you what you need to know.

Social Media: Let’s build effective social media strategies. It is one of the most POWERFUL brand building tools. Don’t ever think you’re too big for any platform even Lebron James send out tweets and post to Instagram. Please remember this will help us produce incremental revenue streams, increase popularity, larger endorsement deals, and more business opportunities.

Build Synergy: Let me be someone you put in a position to communicate & coordinate with your agent, lawyer, sponsors, and everyone on your management team. Communication is a major key so everyone can know what’s going on with our client.

Media Training: Interviews and media relations. This ties with public relations. You want to stay relevant for good reasons.

Increase Opportunities: This has to be one of my favorite things to do is sell you I love making people marketable especially for other outside revenue opportunities.

Add Value: You are still valuable long after your sports career. There are many opportunities for professional growth.

Make you a Priority: I like to focus on the one person that I represent. My client is my priority and I will not take on more than I can handle.

I want you to know that your brand is a valuable asset.

Reasons to Hire Me:

To grow your Brand and make you more money.

A fresh point of view and original Creative thinking.

I bring excitement to all Endeavors.

I can plan and execute a Campaign that supports a Marketing Strategy.

Crucial to your Success.

If your company is Marketing oriented.

If you need help planning Promotions and selecting target markets.

Accountable for getting things done.

Implementation, execute high-profile Events, an event set up sheets, reports, CAD maps, and other tools.

Requirements: Clear and concise goals (benchmark & timeline), what do you want to see happen for yourself in 6 months? Know what you want and where you are. I work as an independent contractor with a 3-month minimum and then a month to month basis.

Email: for client profile qualifications.