Beautiful Women Of God Covering For Worship

1 Corinthians 11:5
A women dishonor her head if she prays or prophesies without covering her head. 6 Yes if she refuses to wear a head covering she should cut off all her hair but since its shameful for a woman to have her hair cut or her head shave she should wear a head covering. 7 A man should not wear anything on his head when worshiping for a man is made in God’s image and reflects God’s glory and woman reflects man’s glory. 8 For the first man didn’t come from woman but the first women came from man. 9 And man was not made for women but women was made for man. 10 For the reason and because the angels are watching a women should wear a covering on her head to show she is under authority.

Ezekiel 16:10
I gave you expensive clothing of fine linen and silk beautifully embroidered and sandals made of fine goatskin leather. 11 I gave you lovely jewelry, braclets, beautiful necklaces. 12 A ring for your nose, earrings for your ears and a lovely “CROWN” for your head. 13 And so you were adorned with gold and silver. your clothes were made of fine linen and were beautifully embroidered. You ate the finest foods, choice flour, honey and olive oil and became more beautiful than ever. You looked like a “QUEEN” and so you were. 14 Your fame spread through out the world because of your beauty. I dressed you in my splendor and perfected your beauty says the Sovereign Lord.

In this scripture it shows us how you can be given everything turn it all around trade it in for nothing and come out with nothing. God made a covenant with Israel similar in many respects to a marriage covenant. Rather than being devoted to her husband and provider the wife (Israel) prostituted herself to others. Lean heavy on God’s loving power we tend to forget how much we owe him. God is the only one who can deliver us from our dependency and set us free.


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