The Lord Will Strip It Away

Isaiah 3:18-21
18 On that day of judgment The Lord will strip away everything that makes her beautiful ornaments, headbands (by Cupcakebands), crescent, necklaces, 19 earrings, bracelets, sashes, perfume, and charms. 21 rings, jewels.
Oppression and Luxury Condemned

We should not allow ourselves to get caught up in a sinful behavior or any addiction then walk around flaunting like we are proud to do evil against others. Here is our WARNING It shows that the materials & luxury can be strip away from you at any giving moment. If you know you need help in some area’s of your life just reach out to TMH and pray to him he is willing to help you. Don’t be in denial if you don’t acknowledge your sin your only fooling yourself. Where we read in Genesis 19 Let us thank TMH for the angels he has provided to help us through times of crisis. Once you keep moving forward there is not looking back you should not have to look back. You can fail in so many ways but there is always hope. Women of TMH it’s important to follow instructions that will benefit our family we don’t want to end up like Lot’s wife who failed to follow the program the angels had set out for her family. TMH (The Most High)

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