Special Guest Fashion Stylist Londeena Grice


RanishaisLove: What industry are you in?

Stylist: My industry of Business is “FASHION”

RanishaisLove: Tell us about your Line of Fashion?

Stylist: Haute Couture was established in 2011 Co-Founder and CEO is Londeena Grice

RanishaisLove: What is Haute Couture?

Stylist: Haute Couture is a name that represent STYLE, High Quality Looks. Different as well as Unique.

RanishaisLove: How fast can you put a look together?

Stylist: I can put a look together within seconds. My vision of fashion is who I am I automatically see it.

RanishaisLove: What would be a stand out piece for a look when matching?

Stylist: A stand out outfit for a look is not to match. Look odd, but FASHIONABLE.

RanishaisLove: What is your best fashion tip?

Stylist: My fashion tip to others is always have a vision.

RanishaisLove: Is there anyone in the Fashion Industry you would like to work with? And why?

Stylist: Tyra Banks, Emilio Pucci, Emanuel Ungaro, and Chalayan. I have a few that I would love to work with that has potential.

RanishaisLove: How difficult is it being a Style Coordinator?

Stylist: It’s not difficult being a STYLIST/COORDINATOR you should always have an eye for everyone being in the industry.

RanishaisLove: Is Haute Couture currently working on any projects?

Stylist: My most important projects are to satisfy my customers to keep bringing that sophisticated, sexy, and unique look.


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