Legendary Women of The Bible

You are royalty. I want you to be something special. Be sensible and beautiful. Your beauty is surpassing in the world. It takes a strong woman to walk in her intelligence, diplomacy, boldness, wisdom, quick thinking, and crisis management to prevent disaster. There is nothing that can stop you from springing into action and you know how to move immediately in the time of need. Standing up and apologizing for someone outrage behavior show many signs of maturity. Knowing how to calm a heated situation is a must. Protect your legacy. Embrace every opportunity to use your God-given gifts and abilities to boldly promote behavior that is pleasing to God. ~Abigail is a woman who endures pain she showed signs of strength in 1 Samuel 25.

Leave your comfort zone and risk it all for God. What are you going to do when God says get up and let it all go I am sending you away, changing your career, relocating your ministry, or giving you a new land? Are you able to say ok God here you go its all yours or will you complain, whine, and cry? I want you to recognize you may be qualified for your role more than you realize. God equips everyone he calls for an assignment. God ways are not our ways, but they are always good ways. ~Zipporah was the wife of Moses who is known for traveling out her comfort zone and was obedient to go wherever God would recruit her husband whether it was Egypt or Canaan. Zipporah unlikely impact is found in Exodus 2, 4.


Refuse to let go of your dreams. Most of the time our issues are spiritual and not physical. Don’t let the enemy remind you of your conditions wanting you to give up. There will always be someone preying on your vulnerability and taunted you. Take your pain to the house of the Lord. Unload, weep, pray, and make a vow to give something to the Lord for a lifetime of service. Pour your heart out. List your sacrifices and offer up the most valuable and give God your best if you’re asking him for the best. If you sense that something is God’s will for your life, don’t let go. Don’t get discouraged and don’t stop praying. Read about ~Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 she never gave up.

Own up to your brokenness and accept whats being offered through love. Are you thirsty not so much of physical thirst, but a spiritual thirst a thirst of the soul? Do not downplay your conditions. Let the world know how good our God can be speak the gospel. Acts 12:24 “But the word of God grew and multiplied” Depend on your testimony to prove how the Lord can quench your thirst. The testimony you have to share may be exactly what someone else needs to hear.  John 4 tells us ~The Samaritan Woman was not ashamed.

Do you care enough to show up? Under any circumstance is the situation dangerous, are you at risk, does this person hold a bad reputation, and you don’t want to be seen having any ties or connection to them. Most importantly will you show up for this person in a time of trouble or in a time of need? Go about handling things the right way. Being there as a supporter and follower giving someone the proper treatment they deserve. Do you know what your presence means to someone when your there for them? You could have been anywhere in the world, but you chose to be present in someone’s life making a difference. At times we are not moved by gifts during a celebration the biggest gift you can give someone is by showing up. Let God use you in a way he used the witness to the crucifixion. Mary was the mother of James & Joseph who stood there at every horrific suffering of our Lord Christ which he endured emotionally and physically. More on ~Mary being there for Christ just by showing up in Mark 15.

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