Who does God say you are?

I am worth far more than rubies peaceful and harmless I am confident and hard working

I am clothed with strength and dignity to take on any task I am a blessing to the poor and those in need

I am respected and respectful I am wise and knowing how to tame my tongue a keeper in my house

I am God fearing and praise worthy

God said I am brave I should not fear for no one can kill my soul God is the one who kill both body and soul

Smiling beautifully worthy to be a bride, and my heart is filled with love flowing like a stream

But whatever I am now, it is all because God poured out his special favor on me

I am being worked on through his grace

I am following the way of love and I desire the gifts of the spirit

I am under a tree that is producing life winning souls over wisely

I am forgiving and loved I am a faithful servant with many responsibilities

I am breaking every chain declaring it and rising up

God said I AM WHO I AM and I AM sent me to you

I want to tell you everything that you are

I am new in Christ and the old me is passed away all new things will come to pass

I am turning from my selfish ways and taking up my cross and following Christ

I am carefully following the terms of the covenant so I may prosper in everything that I do


7 thoughts on “I AM

  1. I love this post! I am going through a journey of self love and I am learning to look at myself the way God sees me and not man.

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  2. Thank you we have to remind ourselves “Who does God say we are” sometimes we hear our own voices in our head telling us things we are not. Tuning out the enemy can be tough if you’re not strong on your spiritual journey I came a long way. I barely have anything to say to anyone who come up against me due to my confidence when God want me to be more than I think “I Am” I’m just dying to know the price he paid for me I guess knowing I’m a daughter of a KING I’m cool with that in case I don’t get any “numbers” if I have no one else he’s all I have.

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  3. LOL I just speak the gospel using my voice that’s all no titles one of the reasons why I blog. One of my readers need to hear it from a helping point of view and not a judgmental stand point. People often get confused and don’t know if your helping them up or kicking them while their down I try to make it clear with what I’m doing.


  4. Thank you for your kind words I have to remind us when we don’t hear it that often. Just a lol touch of love can come a long way.


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