Here are 7 Questions I asked 10+ Jr High School Students


My chosen topic is responsibility. I’ll be speaking to the junior high school students and I wanted to talk to them about responsibility and show them how important it is to be responsible. It’s very important to learn about responsibilities once you get your priorities in orders you don’t have to turn and ask for help from anyone or beg someone to do something for you. Who do you turn to when you can’t go to neither one of your parents for an allowance or a friend who won’t let you borrow a few things? Are you gonna beat yourself up or will you learn to make better choices?

The responsibility of your mess is yours. Do you know someone who doesn’t and won’t take the blame for their own mess, but is quick to point the finger at someone because they don’t want to own up to their responsibility? How would that make you look not owning up to your mess? Is it childish? Think of a list where you took the blame for someone else’s responsibility. I have a long list of responsibilities I stood up for that didn’t even belong to me. Was that fair no it wasn’t, but because I know how to love and forgive I loved and forgave that person I put the past behind me, and that was the last time I’ll ever let anyone put a responsibility on me that doesn’t belong to me.

My consistency proves that I am reliable and dependable. It’s a great form of responsibility. Knowing I have to pay bills and keep up with payments lets any lender know I am trustworthy and a lender can be you. Someone may have a hard time at being responsible my best advice is to get an accountability partner or someone you look up to a sibling or a mentor just any person that support and applaud you to do better at your challenges. Guess what? You’re responsible for your own guidance, but who knows you better than yourself and can’t no one make any of this possible but you. I challenge you to take the first step to responsibility. You can start with keeping your room clean or doing chores around the house. It’s up to you to accept the help.

Questions for the students

  1. Write a plan on how you can be more responsible:
  2. What happens when you’re not responsible?
  3. What makes you a responsible person?
  4. Write 3 classroom rules that help everyone to remember to be responsible.
  5. What consequence should be in place for not being responsible?
  6. Write a responsible do’s and don’ts list.
  7. When do you think you should start becoming responsible?

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