The 3 E’s of Personal Blogging

The 3 E’s of Personal Blogging: Explore, Exploit, Evolve

TyUnscripted Creator of award-winning blog Twenties Unscripted and KaeNdKamsMom Writer at EverythingEnJ and VIBEvixen Writer.

3E’s: What is your blog about?

Ranishaislove: My blog is about me and my faith I try to be inspirational to those who don’t get encouraging words and always being torn down.

3E’s: Who would you like to read your blog? Who reads your blog?

Ranishaislove: I would like believers of the faith and non believers anyone who is willing to hear the gospel. As of now I would say my readers are those wherever I can promote my blog whether its social media or word of mouth.

3E’s: Why did you want to start a blog?

Ranishaislove: I want to be powerful in my own way. I want people to hear what I have to say and my point of view. I know we all got our own opinions I just want those to look at it how I see it.

3E’s: When did you start your blog?

Ranishaislove: The second week of November in 2014.

3E’s: What sort of posts do you like to write?

Ranishaislove: I like to write spiritually, relatable facts, and helpful tips for everyday life. What I post and speak on actually helps me and speak into my life as well.

3E’s: Who are 2-3 bloggers that you would like to potentially collaborate with?

Ranishaislove: Erica and Tyece. I would definitely want to work and learn from these two so they can help me with perfecting and elevating my pitch as well as inspire me on my blogging journey. Pretty much something they are doing now.

3E’s: Why do you keep blogging?

Ranishaislove: I love the power behind blogging and being able to use my voice the way I want. Everything I say for debate is in my own opinion. I find it evoking for people to get stirred up by “my” opinion.

3E’s: What opportunities have you received as a result of blogging?

Ranishaislove: I really appreciate companies and small businesses for believing in me and my blog especially restaurants for their gift certificates in trade of a marketing post. I think thats pretty cool to pitch to owners or managers for a complimentary meal. I’ll never go hungry as long as my blog continue to be successful for restaurant reviews.

3E’s: How is your blog different now from what it was when you started?

Ranishaislove: Wow! It has definitely changed a lot when I look back I try to play my writing skills like what was I thinking when that was once my best at one point.

3E’s: What would you ultimately like to use your blogging platform for?

Ranishaislove: I am going to keep sharing what I feel need to be shared from me. Giving people different aspects of me showing them something they never seen or they never knew. Most importantly saying what I wanna say.

Thank you Tyece and Erica for your helpful and lovely questions to help me and send me on my way to perfecting my elevator pitch. I look up to you girls for enhancing my writing skills and blog. I pray for both of your success on your writing journeys and everyday life. I look forward to your workshops, conferences, panels, and more.



One thought on “The 3 E’s of Personal Blogging

  1. i’ve been blogging for so long sometimes i forget to ask myself some of these questions. often times i feel like I just writing with no one actually reading, which is fine i suppose. but don’t just blog for me, i blog to share my passion in nails and to show other brown girls that we can wear the same polish as everyone else and look damn good in it.

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