Roberta Mcculloch-Dews from RMDews Media

Before I get started I just want to thank Roberta for getting so hands on meeting me at our local Dottie’s Coffee Lounge and allowing me to interview her personally.

Roberta received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Print Journalism from New York University. She currently serves as a commissioner for the Berkshire County Commission on the status of women, a government agency to which she was appointed for a three-year term along with managing communications and media promotions.

Roberta began her career as a print journalist working for newspapers across the Northeast. Over time, her multiples roles included that of beat reporter, features reporter, and business reporter. Additionally, she worked as Assistant Metro Editor and Assistant Custom Publications Editor.

(Side note) I think Roberta will make a great mentor and co-editor for

Upon moving to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, Roberta wrote for the New England Newspaper Company publications including The Advocate and Berkshire Eagle, where she served as the inaugural writer for the column series, On the Bridge.

Roberta worked at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA), the Commonwealth’s designated public liberal arts institution. At MCLA, Roberta worked as the Web Communications Manager and was later promoted to Assistant to the President. Her most recent role at the college was that of Assistant Director of Communications.

Wise Wednesday Q&A Questions:

1. What is it that you do? I’m a community professional with a journalism background and my career took a path of broader communications. 15 years of experience in industries, newspaper, technology, and higher education. I started my own business and you can find me at

2. What is your goal? My goal is to develop a business that allows me to use my expertise to help companies that need public relations and the resources I offer.

3. What is your role in the community? I love giving back giving back is important to who I am and what I do. My outreach is working with different organizations and connecting with those who can use my resources to help their community. Here are some organizations I work with Rites of Passage Empowerment Program, The Women of Color Giving Circle of Berkshire County, and Including Conte Peer Mentoring Program, just to name a few.

4. How do you inspire? I’m a mentor I open up my service to anyone who asks. I want to help others reach their goal and dreams by giving back the gifts that were imparted to me.

Any WISE advice you want to leave us with. “To whom much is given much is require” Luke 12:48


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