Praying in the Powerful Name of Jesus

I’m fasting and praying today (maybe even tomorrow too). Each of you is included in my prayers.

“Praying in the Powerful Name of Jesus”

Ranisha blessed me with the book, “The Purpose Driven Life” for my B-Day and God is using the WISDOM in that book to transform me.

I’m asking that you look to Him to learn what His purpose is for you.

What I’ve learned so far is that God made you to love you. You exist because he wants to express His love to you.

When you feel motivated to love, to encourage, to help, to relieve, to offer healing and joy, that’s God using you to express His love to other people through you. What an honor.

I also learned that people who think they can abuse you, mistreat you, withhold good things from you, and still think they are okay with God are deceived by the enemy. God gives us relationships and what we do to people reflects our obedience (or disobedience) to God. Unloving behavior is an act of rebellion towards God. It goes both ways: you may have a relationship (past or present) that was unloving on one or both sides, and the only way to rise in love and be set free is to choose to forgive. Trust in God to heal the pain, trust in God to restore your brokenness, trust in God to deliver justice, and stop trying to take care of your wounds by choosing anger, resentment, and bitterness. That’s what the world teaches us to do, but God commands us to forgive and He will handle all the details, and I do mean ALL of the details: He will teach you how to set boundaries with people so that you’re not over-giving, people-pleasing or allowing yourself to be manipulated; and He will show you that love is unconditional, just be the beautiful truth of the God-breathed, God-created person that you are (no matter what) and God will fulfill you. Let God love you. Let Him take care of you. Stop trying to do the impossible, which is being big enough and bad enough to take care of yourself. You can’t even move your own heart. God does that for you too.




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