Tribe of Judah and Lion of Judah

I asked a question on RasTafari Groundation | Lion of Judah Society 

What is the difference between the Tribe of Judah and the Lion of Judah? Which was answered by Lidj Yefdi

To address your question about “Judah,”…..

I wish to try to make this as clear as possible, within this community of Ras Tafari, we are a very peculiar group. We see ourselves Hebrews/Israelites as well as, Africans (better put, Hebrews of African stock) with our like-minded bros & sis., of other ethnicities. But sticking to the point; the “Tribe of Judah” would refer to the group of Hebrews or Israelites, who are ethnically linked to “Judah,” who’s the son of Jacob & his wife Leah. (Jacob, whom later became known as “Israel”)

– reference your Bible [Gen. 29:35 ; Gen. 35:23] suggestion read whole chapters for full context

Now, the “Lion of Judah” is just as simple in context, especially for some. For example, the “Lion” among beast/animals is cut from another cloth, so to speak. Hence, many people coin the phrase; “the Lion is the King of the Jungle.” So, in reference to that observation in the Bible and pertaining to the “Lion (King) of the Tribe of Judah”; truly God (YHWH-Yahweh, Adonai, El Shaddai & the many other names we know the Creator by especially as Hebrews or Israelites) is the “Lion of Judah” or in simpler terms “King of Judah.” But, because Israel (which is a nation, which included the Tribe of Judah, along with other tribes) wished to be like other nations and have a king rule among them, God granted this request, through the Prophet Samuel [according to I Samuel 10:19 / Samuel was told by God that he should anoint Saul to become King of Israel [check I Sam 9:15-17] _ ie. becoming the representation of God/King among Israel], but Israel failed to upkeep the covenant or agreement which was set.

– reference your Bible [Hos. 5:14 ; I Sam 10:19; I Sam 9: 15-17; Rev. 5:5 (when reading this Revelation verse remember that one you know as Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God/Prince of Peace/Son of God)]

Now, in Ras Tafari…which is known for having a great influence from Jamaica (Jamaicans which are ethnically tied to the Tribe of Benjamin, ironically so was the first king of Israel; Saul.) But, the most revered figure is Emperor Haile Sellassie I, who also was known for having the titles King of Israel, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

So hopefully that wasn’t too long but just to be thorough, things like this need to be explained fully. Because so many have things misconstrued and misunderstood.


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