Happy Mother’s Day

Our 2016 Mother’s Day Giveaway is here! We are giving away 2 Mother’s Day gift sets sponsored by from April 18 – April 29th


1 for Amazing Grace: Devotion Book + Pen Set; Insulated Tumbler with Straw, Totebag, Manicure Set, Air Freshener, Hand Lotion/Body Wash Gift Set, Ring Dish and Umbrella. Retail: $48.95

Bouquet of Blessings.jpg

1 for Bouquet of Blessings: Prayer Journal, Pen & Bookmark Gift Set; Insulated Plastic Tumbler w/Silicone Lid; Totebag; Candle; Wristlet; Pendant; Ring Dish and Nail Buffer. Retail: $48.95

These gift sets are perfect for all Christian mothers, and can be used by churches as well—honor mothers with the most sons or daughters, most children overall, oldest mother, or the mom who traveled the farthest to get to church on Mother’s Day!
Both gift sets contain enough choices that you’ll have pieces to share. We want to reach moms of all ages and at every stage of life. Let’s celebrate all mothers!
Tell me what you’re doing to celebrate Mother’s Day this year and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! And let us know what gift set you’ll be interested in?

No purchase is necessary. You can also purchase the individual items on the website at

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway and then come back after Mother’s Day for details on my next women’s study. It’s called Timeless Faith and I know you won’t want to miss it!

This contest will be open to anyone in the 48 United States.





18 thoughts on “CONTEST FOR MOTHER’S DAY

  1. Mother’s day is just another day for me,nothing expected other than the love I receive daily from my children,being a mother is full time,and as long as I’m still blessed to spend another day with mine,my day will be full of love and fun!

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  2. I am remembering my own Mother on Mothers Day, and being abundantly thankful for my Godmother and all the mentors and mothers that have surrounded and guided me this past year. This Mothers Day I am grateful to be a mother to my little kingdom because God graced me with the two best blessings in the world!

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  3. Amen Toiia and thank you for entering I pray you have a cup that over flows with blessings and many more peace in your surroundings.


  4. I’ve been a mother for a long time. I’m glad there’s an actual day that honors mothers. I’ll go to church and probably be spoiled by my family. I’ll also call my mom and MIL.

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  5. Wow cool Tarah if you want to jump ahead you can always check out the website for products you don’t see in the giveaway. Thank you


  6. I am a woman who couldn’t have children and I always wanted them, so what I am planning on doing is sending a special gift to another friend of mine, who is like me, who couldn’t have children, so she’s not forgotten. I like both gift sets.

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  7. Bless your heart Stacy I’m praying for you. Hannah from the bible inspires me let God have the final word. All praises be blessed.


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