4 ​Blogging Tips For Beginners 


HELLO HELLO HELLO, I’m talking to all my Girl Bosses my Fashion Boss, Style Boss, Marketing Boss, Faith Boss, Promoter Boss, Lifestyle Boss, Foodie Boss, Graphic Boss, Designer Boss, you name it we all started somewhere. You make the rules you break the rules my kind of fun. As a beginner, the first mistake you can make is being focused on everyone else but yourself. You deserve to put 100% of all your time, hard work, and ideas for your own projects. Listening to, to many voices will leave you overwhelmed and not getting much work done. Stick to your community and reach out to the people you feel is for your niche or blog because listening to the wrong voice can corrupt your message.

2. Build A Community Around Your Blog 

The best way to get noticed is to stay engaged and promote your own work. Make sure you enable comments on your post and everyone can engage and share the post. Allow yourself to be transparent and act as if you are human cut down on the automatic replying people love talking to real people. Your community and friendships will keep things together.

3. Do NOT Compare Yourself 

If you feel a threat is coming on don’t compare yourself to those who you see as a threat. Compare what you are doing vs what they’re not doing. Also, see and write down why you think they’re a threat to you and your blog see how it ties into your weakness. Take notes.
Try having something about your blog that is special and that will make you stand out. Keep your head up and continue to work hard even if you think you’re not reaching who you want that does not mean no one is watching you.

4. Be Yourself And Use Your Voice

When I first started blogging I had no clue what I was doing, and I’m still learning as I go. I started to improve on my images and would hang out where the free stock photos were this photo credit belongs to @CreateHERStock I show love to other niches and other bloggers. Now make sure you check out other bloggers and learn something. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Here Are My Personal Tips

  • Try to avoid your weaknesses when your confidence level isn’t so high.
  • Always be engaging with your consistent support (talk with ppl don’t just talk to them)
  • Show love and reply on your own terms never wait to move with the crowd.
  • Write great content.

“Small minded people don’t think in advance or out that far”

Leave a comment on the most challenging part of blogging.

4 thoughts on “4 ​Blogging Tips For Beginners 

  1. Very encouraging post! My hardest challenge is posting consistently and coming up with creative content to post! I’m an event planner but my blog generates more people to my website! Check out my latest event on my blog when you bet a chance let me know what you think ! bit.ly/ladiesandlemonade

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  2. Thank you. The way I learned to try to be consistent was by writing twice a week and not burning myself out to keep up. As an event planner you can always show & tell ppl how to decorate on a budget or themes to go with.


  3. Ranisha, this was a great tip: “Try to avoid your weaknesses when your confident level isn’t so high”! My biggest challenge has just been starting a blog and sticking with it. This was great info and very motivating. Thank you!

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