This Week’s Roundup

The Week with Charms of Love

After Labor Day weekend either you had a longer vacation or more work was done. I’m starting to keep a record of my weeks it’s definitely needed especially to keep track of the progress and the process. My grandma celebrated her 72nd birthday 9/4/16 and was so excited this weekend to spend it with family. I am blessed to have family that loves me.

Monday: Meditation Monday

Tuesday: Talk Tuesday

Wednesday: Wise Wednesday

Thursday: Thankful Thursday

Friday: Fearless Friday

Saturday: Salvation Saturday

Sunday: SoulFood Sunday

We Celebrate …

My Grandmother Shirley May Grice 72nd birthday

We Pray for …

Those in need of shelter or a place to stay we pray they will turn their lifestyle around and get it right so they don’t have to be dependent on anyone. We pray for food and clothes for those in need. We pray for world peace and Israel. We pray for those in need of prayer and are afraid to reach out for help, repentance, and guidance.

The Big Picture …

Always have a plan and plan with purpose. Check off your accomplishments and write a to-do list so you can see how far you came and not how far you have to go. Accountability is the greatest form of mentoring. Connect with someone who can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Ranisha Grice, Director of Charms of Love


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