Thank you for stopping by the blog where you can find my authentic and unapologetic feelings.

There are some post I try my hardest not to share, and some topics I would like to stay away from period. I also try not to bring too much attention to myself especially the wrong attention I was never inspired to be an IG (instagram) model.

There are so many thoughts running through my mind as I sit here and freestyle this post. I started thinking about my love life, my faith, and the usual things a person in their early thirties would think about. Its cool being attractive, and down to earth, but then you also don’t want to attract the wrong people. The wrong ppl will get attracted for the wrong reasons some wrong reasons can be my body is appealing, my lips (I had a rapper compliment my lips and tried to make a move) its funny because if I was my younger self in my early 20’s I would have been boasting about it just because of His status and the people he know, my phatty (yes your girl got some hips), and because I have a nice smile so “they say” sometimes I’m not sure if that’s someone trying to flatter me and spit game. It’s tough for me, because at this age there’s no time to waste.

I’m praying for wisdom to test someone IQ without making it obvious. There’s more to driving a nice car and staying fly. I definitely can’t have anyone taking me off the path to righteousness only to cause destruction. I’m not sure where this post was going, but as soon as I settle down hopefully these words make sense. There’s too much nonsense going on nowadays women losing their lives meeting their dates online, and putting their children in harm’s way the articles I have read are too graphic to share I’m sure you get the idea (I’m not trying to end up with the enemy just by giving someone a honest chance). Things are not like they use to be when you mentioned someone and either you got a red flag or the OK cause the person wasn’t crazy, but I’m sure you didn’t have to feel uneasy when you wanted to get to know someone after having a lot in common. I’m ok with someone having a complete opposite style from me that way you get to know someone for who they are because a good time can cover up whats to come.

I hope someone can relate or give it some thought hopefully I can give you a new perspective if it’s not to late.


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