24 Ways To Treat Your Mental Health

Not everyone is going to tell you how important mental health is, sometimes the people around you don’t know how bad you struggle with keeping it together this will help you relieve, and lessen the pain in your mind and on your brain. If you don’t know where to start you can always start by massaging your temples.

  1. Be a friend someone can talk to don’t always be so quick to be a running mouth someone just want to release. You might have saved their life just by letting them vent their feelings.
  2. Reach out to someone you owe an apology to. Even if it makes you embarrassed or the weaker person. Most importantly forgive someone.
  3. Pray.
  4. Look for a stretch routine whether its early mornings or right before bed.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  6. Let me just tell you its ok to cry. I have been a crybaby to just about everyone I know.
  7. Pick a couple of days out the week where you set aside time just to exercise or run.
  8. Take pictures of your window views throughout the house and ask yourself is that a view you want to change or is it something you never paid attention to.
  9. How creative are you? Ever thought about creating your own crossword puzzles.
  10. Quote your favorite bible scriptures and write down what they mean to you.
  11. Write Write Write. Write a poem, write a letter to an editor, write in your journal, write a to-do list and follow it.
  12. Count your blessings-make a list.
  13. Are you funny? Tell a joke. Get your humor out there so people know what to expect when it comes to your personality.
  14. I’m not a dancer like I use to be, so when I’m listening to music I’m cleaning.
  15. Pamper yourself. My massage therapy friends are the best. Go and get you a massage the professional way. 
  16. If you think about getting a pet please make sure it’s one you can afford. Don’t get a puppy and then take a vacation, because you’ll need a Dogsitter. Unless you know what its like to road trip with a pet. 
  17. Your body is alarmed to get up at the same time even on your days off. Do something productive and get the hardest thing done first.
  18. Clean out your vase and buy yourself some fresh flowers for the dining room table.
  19. When was the last time you cleaned out your car if you don’t have one do a good deed and offer to clean someone’s car?
  20. Put yourself first.
  21. Don’t always want to go to the farthest store choose the closest store near you and walk to it.
  22. Picnic out on some fresh green grass and read your current book. That’s only if you’re in the season of good weather or instead choose a hammock on a nice breezy day.
  23. Have a great laugh even if it’s at yourself.
  24. Do all things with LOVE.


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