Faith Meets Style

I welcome you into my world of Faith I am a Faith Blogger and I have many ways you can shop at GAP for church, bible study, and similar events.  I may not be your fashion icon, but I represent having a conventional formulaic style.

I am someone who want to inspire you and people all around the world to enjoy your style with confidence and do it effortlessly.

Here are some ideas you can create to show the world you can bring style to the table. If I could challenge you to pick up one item from GAP what would it be?

Celebrate and evolve your own style and be the best makers of your own stories. GAP is not only for Americans it is an American brand with a diversity of ideas that transcend generations.

MY FAVORITE ITEM: Velvet high-neck tank


Be the person that inspire others to have a bold and meaningful style that start movements.

Model Chanel Iman in GAP pair coated dark denim with a comfy cardigan


Be a Creator that Dream and Inspire. Shoot for the stars.


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