Honoring Ourselves

Ranisha Grice

“No matter what anyone may think of you always love yourself there will be people who don’t like you based on your skin complexion no matter what complexion you take care of your skin”

On celebrating beauty. .. 

When I hear the word beauty I think of someone without a flaw or a celebrity makeup artist beating my face. The social standards of beauty rejected my kind of beauty, so that made me believe me and other black women are the most beautiful human beings there is, after all, our people been through and our own brothers won’t even accept us. They love the hell out their mothers who look like you and me, but won’t date or marry black women like you and me. We are mocked, and our characteristics show in a lot of other ethics this means we are more beautiful than people give us credit for. Be beautiful because you are loved and please take pride in who you are.

On shaking off the critics. .. 

Man, where do I start? there is always a critic in each area of our lives whether it’s how we spend our money or when we don’t make enough money, from not fitting the standards of society, to not being equal to the person that’s judging you. When you walk with your head held high that’s when you face the most critics and that is by having confidence and not being all stressed and depressed like the rest of them. I swear people want you limping through life all beat up with no help. Nothing will be good enough for this type of critic no matter if you had to lose a leg for them. Stop caring what people think of you.

On self-acceptance and embracing our differences…

Because this is my body and I’m stuck with myself for the rest of my life I can’t pick and choose what parts of me I’m going to love I have to love each and every mole, pimple, and flaw no one is willing to. I know it hurts when you can’t understand why you are not accepted believe me when someone first laid eyes on you they instantly made up their mind whether they were gonna love or dislike you. Be different.

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