L’ORÉAL Hair Expert/Paris Pure Respect For Your Hair



I’m so excited that I’ve been chosen to try the EVERCREME Moisture Care System™

Give your hair what it wants and not what it doesn’t


Shampoo: [APRICOT OIL] a deep nourish shampoo. For most hair types including dry and brittle. Leaves your hair feeling lightweight. This shampoo will work on any dull or damaged hair and have no hard chemicals.

Conditioner: [APRICOT OIL] a nourishing conditioner. This will infuse a deep moisture for a soft texture. This conditioner is gentle on color with a sensorial rich and creamy formula. The smell is so fresh and it blooms.

Mask: which is a Renourishing Butter that you can leave in for 3-5 minutes to give your hair the softness and moisture it needs. Rich in gardenia. This hair mask is focused on ends so use weekly or as much as needed.

I love reviewing brands. This is the L’Oréal EverCreme VoxBox! These products are an Influenster exclusive, and I get to try them first for free! The new EverCreme formulas are specially formulated to restore and nourish my hair—loving this new line out! Thank you L’Oréal Paris. Also 100% Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free, Dye-Free, and Free of Harsh Salts.

One thought on “L’ORÉAL Hair Expert/Paris Pure Respect For Your Hair

  1. I’m wondering how that one works, I received the Ever Fresh one and I’m liking it so far 🙂 It’s definitely different from any hair line I’ve tried so far.

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