3 Ways to Revive Your Soul Back to Life And Renew Your Strength

Revive Your Soul

Psalm 23:3 “He revives my life; he leads me in pathways that are righteous for the sake of his name”

I know some of you are thinking how can she have a revival on her blog I thought you can only have a revival in the church. I’m glad you are thinking that because revive means bringing something back to life or consciousness. God is willing to restore, renew, revive, regain, and refresh any area of your life in any way you ask him to. Whether it’s in a church, bus, road trip, or walking to the store. Ask Him to revive your soul.

Leave all that mess behind you. Some of you may be tired, helpless, and not able to deal with the messiness of others.

These steps will help you get right into action after prayer. Don’t be one of those warriors that pray and then wait for something to happen be a prayer warrior that pray and demand something to happen. Take charge of your emotional health.

1. How do you consume social media? You can not fool me I know you have a media habit because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have social media at all. What you use social media for may not be what others use it for so before you go attacking what someone is posting be so busy promoting, advertising, and marketing your business you can’t see the negative of someone if it’s not directed towards you. Know your social media voice. You may not be someone who always has something to say but when you do what tone are you using? Your followers are smart enough to pick up on that. Avoid the things that are not serving you well. Let’s say social media is not your issue it may be time to shift your habits.

2. Clear your mind. Refocus your attention. You have to step back and say to yourself “maybe I’m getting too involved with a problem that doesn’t belong to me” Fast and Pray it’s ok to restart, refresh, and reset. You are in control of what you feed your spirit. Take good care of your physical and mental health. I remember taking a deep breath and someone asked me what was the sigh about I said “what do you mean I just took a deep breath” don’t let anyone assume anything other than just breathing trust me releasing is everything.

3. Break your rules and not God rules. Who said you had to eat breakfast at 7 am why you can’t eat breakfast at 11 am. Do things differently and get out the same old routine that isn’t working for you. It is time to develop new ways of feeding and uplifting your spirit. Stop doing what everyone else is doing. Have you ever seen a written revival? Do this make it less of a revival because you don’t see people falling out. I do things differently on (Ranisha is Love) perhaps if someone misses the actual event they can always get the recap. We should know how to deal with our mental state without seeking attention and doing things for publicity.

4. Create a Prayer Group if you’re not already a part of one. Having healthy support will keep you from isolation and thinking of worst cases. It’s important to have people you can go to when something or someone is bothering you. Relating to someone who has experienced the very thing you are dealing with helps you feel at ease and knowing everything will be alright. Surrender what is out of your control. Let this be an act of Self-Care because you are taking care of your health and well-being stop letting things pile and build up making the fight tougher than what it’s supposed to be. Be blessed.

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