Letter from Ranisha: Plans 

Editor’s Notes 

I was thinking about writing down a plan and to stay focus on my plans because if I don’t this blog will turn into an open diary and I’ll post my feelings more than meaningful content. Thinking about my next move and making it my best move can’t afford to start over after where I came from and what I been through. I’m assuming everyone wants the same at a certain age you have to give up some things that ain’t serving you no positive purpose if you wanna better yourself. How can you be happy with things & people who don’t make you happy? You either get better or worse there’s no in between unless you like where you are and don’t wanna go nowhere that is also up to you.

I am so excited to write my plans and start monthly planning. I get to be my own “blogging assistant” it makes life so much easier, cause trying to prepare everything in my head can be overwhelming especially if I’m not mentally stable my thoughts will be all over the place.

The things I have learned over the past week have been profitable and cost me nothing. I learned to take things to the next level without caring who’s watching cause distractions can cause for setbacks and if anyone knows where you’re trying to go and stop you on purpose you been setup. I will say this keep pushing we all get to that point of wanting to give up and sometimes things may seem as they are going in circles, but God knows our plans and why we are going there.

I AM Ranisha




Ranisha D. Grice Editor-in-Chief



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