Selfcare Fierce Products

I received the Fierce VoxBox! This box is filled with beauty and self-care products made to help you look gorgeous and feel your absolute best. I’m excited to try them out! Remind yourself that You’re Lovely.

for all hair types
A natural alternative to silicone, Brassica Seed Oil smooths, silkens and moisturizes while adding incredible shine.

Madam C.J. Walker Brassica Seed Oil: I am so honored to have received this product for free in February during Black History Month. I’m trying not to make this long, so make a long story short. Mrs. Walker was born in 1867 in Louisiana the same plantation where her parents were enslaved. Imagine making $1.50 a day back in 1885. A lady of faith who was a member of St. Paul A.M.E Church. The strength you needed as colored women back in those days. What inspired Mrs. Walker to start her own line of products was when she started to lose her hair in 1890 she tried other “black owned products” and home remedies and this when she came out with her line of “Wonderful Hair Grower”. Can you believe she built a factory, hair and manicure salon, and other training schools just to follow her dreams? Mrs. Walker left her business in her the hands of her daughter and family. Can we say LEGACY after 100 + years? And it’s still going strong at

Carefree Liners: Not much of a review might be too much information if you ask me. Receiving this product felt more like a care package. Ladies you understand. These are going to be in the cabinet under my bathroom sink.

SheaMoisture: #SheaMoisture Argan Oil & Almond Milk Smooth Shampoo and Smooth & Tame Blow Out Créme. I’m not a fan of Almonds it’s one of my nut allergies, but I never thought of using it for my hair and I never used SheaMoisture glad I get to try it for free to see if I like it. You can find these products at Target.

Vaseline®: I can’t believe I received Vaseline to review, my mom used this stuff on us when were kids, yes it been around for 140 years no literally. Through the years it became for your lips, greasing up your face right before school, and more. When I ever saw someone ask “What do I do with Vaseline?” I almost lost it like what planet is she from? It’s not your common looking lotion, but it does help heal your dry skin and keep it moist. It’s funny that some people actually use this when they’re about to get in a fight because it helps protect minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Vaseline does not clog your pores. It is for dry skin.

#SCKandee Manicure: Makeup Artist Kandee Johnson for SinfulColors. There are 12 Retro Chic Shades Matte and Sugar finishes, 12 Urban Glam Shades Iridescent finishes & High Impact Glitter. Collect them all, check out your store finder




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