Enjoy A Renewal Retreat

A Renewal Retreat

Let’s retreat and refresh our everyday busy lives. Are you just kind of moping around feeling empty because you have nothing left to dump out. Let this be a personal retreat. You know the best time of the day, week, or month when you get peace and quiet time to yourself.

I know we experienced or tried having a prayer closet don’t stop there let this inspire you to create an area in your house where you can retreat often or when needed.

You don’t have to do this alone invite someone over for relaxation someone who gets it. Now if you want to go out and buy recliners for this special retreat I’m not stopping you in case that person is me. Set a theme I love floor pillows here’s what I did to the other side of my room when I wanted to create reading space.


What you will need

Tea – This can be your favorite Yogi Green Tea (the above photo was how I started my morning), Lipton, Herbal Tea, one of my favorites Chai Spice by Stash. Chai Teas are really good.

Scents – Whether you like to burn incense or candles. Shop for the best don’t get the cheap family dollar ones. Buy Yankee Candles or go to Bath & Body Works. I have some great scents of Party Lite. However, you want to get your scent is fine with me. Glade plug-ins or just air freshening the place. Remember choose the aroma that keeps you at peace.

Music – (Optional) I like to relax to smooth jazz at a low volume low enough so that I can still hear my thought. It’s not to distract you but to enhance the mood.

Quotes or Scriptures – Grab 7-8 blank index cards and write either your favorite quotes or bible verses (if you don’t already have them). This exercise should help you renew your mind and remind you of what these words mean to you. You always want to go back to what keeps you inspired and motivated. Go over them numerous times and ask your buddy what they mean to him/her.

I want this to be time for yourself, the friend you called over, or time with you and God. How seriously do you take this? I’ll know if you can’t turn off your cell phone and stay off social media during your mini-retreat. Most importantly just breathe and relax even if you have to sigh.

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