Editor’s Notes: Style

I’m no beauty or fashion blogger, but these issues of People StyleWatch will have me transitioning faster than I think. They have some really cute items and products for fewer coins not that some of us need to duplicate a celebrity style, in fact, our own style is probably more fun than most celebrities. Have you seen a celeb with boring style? I know I have.

I’m about to work my butt off to be one of the People StyleWatch Beauty Blogger of the month. That is an awesome platform to be showcase. Have you heard of Essence Beauty Box I’m thinking about becoming a subscriber to feature a “Product Of The Month” in my Editor’s Notes it’s so many ways to have fun beauty blogging. I need to throw out all my excuses I’m actually in commute on my way to work to the GAP with a People StyleWatch magazine in my hand, yeah I know a Faith Blogger surrounded by Fashion. I have only reached the table of contents before I whipped out my phone notepad and found inspiration.

My everyday face wash $60 made in Israel. Dead Sea Regenerating Facial Cleanser.

The editor of People StyleWatch Susan Kaufman mentioned how she wore an H&M dress to a fashion event and got a ton of compliments because everyone thought it was a designer. Can we relate? Umm yeah, I worked at the Goodwill for 7 months I actually checked out NYC fashion designers. How many people can make hand me downs look designer? I’m the type of person that can tell the material of your jeans just by the back pockets of your jeans. American Eagle makes it so easy and so does Deb & Rainbow. You just got to know how to stand out. Does anyone remember Antik Denim? I go back and forth between favorites I’m still trying to find what accessories and clothing I’m obsessing over. Do any of you have the StyleWatch app? I just downloaded the app. The look that you see are actual pieces I got from the Goodwill and that was the outcome after I pieced everything together. I’m not sure if I made any sense, but I hope you understood what I was trying to say.



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