Date Night In An​ Elegant Maxi Dress By GCGme

Front Slit V-Neck Kimono Batwing Sleeve Elegant Maxi Dress

I will be wearing this dress again and more than twice to show off my side slit. How comfortable is high-quality spandex material? Very comfortable especially when you can look classy and be sexy at the same time.

Hello, my name is Ashley. Ashley comes in 9 different colors and 7 different sizes no excuse you too can own this dress. I didn’t know I was gonna be blown away by this Olive Green. I challenge you Ashley’s to get this dress.

The perfect dress for an indoor event because of the length you don’t want to be dragging this around unless you’re on a carpet. This Maxi Dress will look good on a date or date night with your hubby (don’t lose the spark), an award ceremony, a private event, conference, and any place elegant you can think of. Click the links below follow and check out their styles. Let me know what you think about this dress?





Instagram: @gcgme.official 

Facebook: GCGme


11 thoughts on “Date Night In An​ Elegant Maxi Dress By GCGme

  1. Beautiful dress and not a color I would chose for myself although it looks beautiful on you. I love the pictures and if I was taller and not so fat I would check into getting a Ashley for myself.

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  2. Thank you. Oh know where’s the confidence? I’m no model honey doesn’t mean I can’t look good. Own it and keep the right ppl around you.


  3. I think this dress is nice!!! And its named Ashley??? Ohh yess! Lol but its causal yet classy. Simple but can he dazzed up with some accessories!! Very pretty!!!

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  4. Love this dress. Comfortable, sleek yet sexy all at the same time. It is made to suit any body type while looking fab on whomever is wearing it. The dress can be worn dressed down or dressed up, which is a major perk because I, personally, do not like to wear the same thing twice unless I can change the entire look of the outfit each time. The second, third, fourth time it’s worn no one will even realize it’s the same dress 😉

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  5. This is a nice dress, but knowing me I would maybe add to it maybe some rhinestones or some glitter or gold trim, the color is nice, but for me, I’m no fan to slits in dresses I always feel like something is missing lol but it looks comfy, especially for pregnant women.

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  6. I’ve always loved dark colors which makes me like this dress more. The material of it lets me know it’s comfortable. So if I was to eat too much on date night I can still be comfy. Lol!!

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  7. Omg you are so funny. I was thinking the same thing too I didn’t want anything black or depressing, and common I tried a acting role I’m impressed with hopefully more to come. Thank you so much I appreciate you.

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