92nd Sauce Tailgate Gift Basket Giveaway 

92nd Sauce is giving away a Tailgate Gift Basket.

It has a $65 value. It contains:

A crock pot
3 jars of sauce (mild, medium and hot)
2 handled bowls

All Giveaway Entries open November 6th-9th 2017

Smokey, Smooth & Savory… Dare Your Tastebuds

Everett & Jones barbecue was founded by the family matriarch Dorothy Turner Everett and her 9 children in 1973. With a $700 Loan and an abandoned building on 92nd Avenue, Everett & Jones barbecue was born. Everett & Jones is known for its signature sauce that contains just the right amounts of heat, sweet and smoke. Sadly, Dorothy passed away but she left a legacy that will reach more than the Bay Area in CA.

This gift basket is perfect for anyone who has a love and taste for BBQ sauce. You don’t have to be a pro grill master to elevate your next barbecue, you just need to know how to apply BBQ sauce to your meat.

In addition to our Web Store, 92nd Sauce is available at the following stores in:

Western Massachusetts

Berkshire A & E

Berkshire Co-op Market

Big Y Foods – Pittsfield, Lee, Great Barrington, Greenfield, Northampton

Guido’s- Great Barrington

Holiday Brook Farm

Harry’s Supermarket

Old Creamery Co-op

Sherwood Shoppes




All entrants must Like 92ndSauce on Facebook & 92ndSauce on Instagram and tell us what your Tailgate Traditions are in the comments and how you’ll use 92nd BBQ sauce?

This contest will be open to anyone in the United States

No purchase is necessary to win, however; you can always purchase 92nd Sauce online via the web store www.92ndSauce.com




56 thoughts on “92nd Sauce Tailgate Gift Basket Giveaway 

  1. This Tailgate Gift Basket is so pretty and would make a great gift for my barbecue loving brother and his wife. The Everett & Jones barbecue sauce is something I am eager to try.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I never tailgated before but I’m interested in having a indoor cookout for my friends and family in about 2 weeks and 92nd sauce would be a great addition. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My tailgate tradition is a lotta grillin and talking smack! We are a family divided we like different teams so the games are so much fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Our tailgate tradition is to get to the game at least 2 hour early and start grilling and cheering. My dad would always dress up like the mascot of the team and be the chief griller! I would use the sauce to on my chicken wings.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. We use the sauce on our chicken. My husband marinates it the day before and puts more on it as he bbqs.

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