Mentee Mingle with Pastor Cora Jakes Coleman, Dallas TX #CJCMenteeMingle

I had the time of my life in Dallas, Texas the very reason I showed up was in support of Cora Jakes Coleman not only had I been sponsored for Wifing It Network I made sure I came to show love and respect to my girl Pastor Cora Jakes Coleman.

I received my certificate of completion for Her Wifing It Network “It is in your ability to achieve faith that success becomes evident” Cora Jakes Coleman.



The Mentee’s had so much fun with the games and questions including the gifts being won for “What’s in Your Purse?” And “What’s in your Cell Phone?” At this point it is not an embarrassment of exposing yourself it’s more of an hmm… why don’t you have these items in your phone or in your bag.


I really appreciate the time and effort it to that went into putting on a Mentee Mingle held at her very own church The Potter’s House I still can’t believe I’m here in Dallas, Texas for the first time spending my weekend with CJC aka Cora Jakes Coleman.


When I saw this first thing I thought of was Talk Show who’s our special guest.

So many Lounge spots I’m blessed to have received the hospitality that came with this private event.


Can somebody pray for the Cooking Ministry lord they did it?




But wait you can’t end the night without having fun and leave with gifts.







One of the girls won a First Lady Serita Jakes Candle



I hope you enjoy what you see through my lens feel free to reach out so you can ask how you can be apart of Cora’s next Mentee Mingle.

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