Celebrate With Cookies

Edible Obsession

With a sweet tooth just around the corner, there’s no better way to tease it than with eating cookies. These cookies are not handmade by me nor was I sponsored by Pepperidge Farm. So I guess I cheated because I didn’t bake these myself however, I can and know how to bake cookies but when you are beaten for a time to bake cookies there’s always an easy way around something not everything has to be so hard. I love their cookies especially with the many flavors and texture choices from sweet, crunchy, rich, and chocolatey taste.

I hope this is an entertainment inspiration no matter what season you’re in cookies are always a great choice. These cookies are sure to wow whomever you invite over for dinner, party, or even just hanging out with a snack bar. Just make sure you give the kids at least 2-4 cookies before you stuff yourself, without realizing we can eat a whole jar while the kids are still eating their 1st or 2nd cookie.

Enjoy your cookie Social.





Tahiti Coconut


Milano Slices Peppermint Cookies


Milano Mint Chocolate


Milano Candy Cane


Soft Baked Sugar


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