Your Marketing Manager Said Do Not Resist Your Move To Digital

As a Marketing Manager that represents Pro Athletes, my job is to have a direct line of communication with the brand for my client.

I love any endeavor with ripening fruits. Social channels are definitely the experiment for brands and some brands are willing to give the brand/athlete relationship a try. Athletes social following is incredibly valuable and the value of the endorsement does have everything to do with their social following.

When considering potential endorsers brands are checking athletes social and digital following. Yes, Brands do value the large following. So, yes when a client has a collective following over 250k followers and at least 2 verified accounts it makes my job a piece of cupcake.

I try to tell my clients to advertise in their own voice. When brands start to look at you they’re definitely looking at your social media to be considered as a spokesperson. Make sure you are being authentic and creating meaningful conversations and engagements. Brands are looking to reach a broader audience.

I can’t stress this enough your fans are more than likely going to be influenced to purchase from your sponsor when they have seen it on your social media. Not everyone knows what a sponsorship is especially between a Brand x Influencer some people are going to think you’re even cooler when you make yourself relatable and wear or drink something that they do on a regular basis.

I’m here to tell you that you can also make a name for yourself if you don’t already have one. Thanks to Ranisha (me) x Social Media when you don’t have one. Another thing, Do you want to know when you need to be under a new Management? When it’s difficult to make money, keep a following, and have opportunities during offseason. Not so fast don’t look for people to blame and fingers to point you also play a major part in your own success point at yourself and say I F’d up big time.

If you don’t know where you are in your career or where you’re headed see what it takes to link up with a Branding Consultant. Make sure your personality doesn’t suck and you’ll be fine.

Best Wishes,

Xoxo Ranisha


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