Health: You Can Design A Fitness Program For Your Goals

A judge Free Zone The Critics Are Not Allowed

I love to make people feel like they’re in a great environment especially with our “Judgement free zone” mindset a place to make you feel respected and accepted. It’s about you and only you focus on becoming a better you. Your energy level will determine whether a kick-ass workout is for you. I’ll say don’t come if you’re too tired to enjoy the fun. Try 2-3 days a week to reach your ultimate fitness goal. I like to do a cardio walk for 30 mins and work on my Abs. Lord knows I need to tighten and tone my muscles.

Accountability is always available I recommend the buddy system if you can’t do it alone. You can design a fitness program for your own goals and needs. Take a look at mine. Always have a way to help heal the tension. Any exercise routine you may have is more than welcome. Maybe you can teach me a few moves.

Set goals that will open yourself up to a fresh new lifestyle. Empower yourself to live the life you long for. You are the best physician you will ever be based on your daily activity. Energy is the power that turns intention into reality. It’s never too late for any physical activity it’s too soon to quit. May you feast on all the joys of healthy living. Increase the length and beauty of your life. Don’t lose your motivation because you may not have a prize continue to work twice as hard. Have you met with a nutritionist yet? No need to beat yourself up there is always room for improvement.

The best exercise you can do is walk if you do nothing else. Give yourself a regular exercise program whether it’s walking, running, swimming, tennis, soccer, basketball, or dancing. Any fitness program will help you handle stress because it gives strength to all the body’s systems. I encourage you to remain active here is a quote I heard and it stuck with me “You are as young as you feel” don’t claim old age when your still active and moving. I want to leave you with this the next time you see an elder jogging don’t focus on the looks think of how they feel. The greatest wealth is health. The power of possibility.

A Workout Plan You Can Start

Massage Chair

30 min Cardio Walk

Elliptical Machine



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