Girltalk On Sisterhood

Am I My Sister’s Keeper? Yes I Am

It’s ok we all have that one sister who is late and can never be on time we love her whether she shows up or not. Whether you have a sister-in-law, stepsister, God sister, or you call her your sister some of us may have sisters we lost and no longer with us there will always be a special place in our hearts for those we lose. We leave no sister out and behind, and this post is for you. My mom is one of four sisters and three of them are with us today. Enjoy this post as I talk about the benefits of having a sister younger or older, and no, not when you just need accessories or the perfect necklace. Speaking of, I have to call my sister to see if she got any more high heels she doesn’t want. I’m still crushing over the last pair she gave me. No seriously have your sister ever introduced you to one of her friends and you became closer to her “friend” than your own sister was and now you two are like sisters yass… sis hand over some friends.

What sister’s have you been keeping up with?

Sister’s been so creative lately with their new collections, style, masterclasses, courses, podcast, blog post, web designs, and more. I like fun fashion where sisters recreate their style or something they’re inspired by. I remember growing up watching Tia and Tamera having my own way to tell them apart well I know one has a mole. Something about twin sisters when its hard to identify which one is which. Ugh… when there’s two of one person.

What Sister Style Are You Crushing On?

Age had been a number to remind us how old we are I hope that doesn’t stop you from getting advice or a good word from your younger sister. My sister who is five years younger than me already has two children and I have none so who will I be getting pregnancy advice from? You guessed it my younger sister. Never underestimate the power of having a younger sister there’s a benefit in that. No, you don’t always get stuck with the kids you love your nieces and nephews. Random: Do you really call your sister your half-sister if you don’t have the same dad?

Who Is Your Favorite Sister?

When I ask who is your favorite sister I don’t mean anything negative about it, because that evil stepsister of Cinderella’s might need her hair pulled just a little bit. As of right now my favorite sister who is killing the game right now is Serena Williams.

Remember to love your sisters and always have their back never get so caught up in the moment to diss someone you will need for a lifetime for a friend halfway there for you. This sister right here love a celebration whether it’s a cookout, graduation, wedding, girls night, discussions, and more going to the club shouldn’t be the only way you get to hang out with your sister. I love planning retreats that bring people together so I definitely enjoy a good time with my sisters in Christ. Sisters are born to win even in the celebrity limelight they stick together. I would hate to be rich and famous without my sister on my side. I need her to run these errands. Leave the aggravation and the misery to the losers.


Ok forget it I can’t live with my sister neither after growing up in the same house I’m done.



6 thoughts on “Girltalk On Sisterhood

  1. Great read. I loved it. All true and im blessed to have a sister in Christ like you. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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