Tell Your Story And Tell it Well

Making the most of everything I do I’m loving this weather here in Stockbridge, MA home of the famous Norman Rockwell I actually went out to His museum today and then I went to visit his gravestone with a friend I know right we are extreme it’s only 22 mins away from where we live because He was buried before His legacy visiting his grave is like paying respect to anyone you know that’s how up close and personal you can get at the sight, so he literally lives 22 mins away from me.

We all know how to tell someone what’s going on in someone else’s life tell your story and tell it well can’t no one tell your story better than you that’s why this is your journey. Figure out what you want your end goal to be and work towards that because distractions are real and will trip you up if you get caught slipping. Always ask yourself if what you’re fighting for is it worth fighting for?

People are going to be in your business whether you like it or not I’d say give them something worth talking about at least something that’s going to keep you relevant and paid. This is how I react when people stay in my business and get too close for comfort. Please don’t ask me no questions about who I’m dating, ppl can be really funny when they keep up rumors that don’t even make sense to who you are, you gotta keep it moving and ignore certain things, some things are cute I stay smiling at the stuff ppl come up with, let them figure things out on their own, but wait please don’t harass me and mind your business.



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