Enjoy The Little​ Things

Someone recently replied to one of my Instagram Stories and said “yo ass be everywhere” my reply: “you gotta move around” I thought it was interesting because I honestly don’t think I do enough and I make my backyard look more than what it is because I know how to be a tourist in my hometown especially if people are going to travel to us as a vacation why not live your life well and mean it. That’s all I’m doing I utilize what’s already here I don’t want God to humble me and then I won’t have a choice I rather enjoy it now and then move on to better.

I’m here at the MASS MoCA Museum in North Adams, Massachusetts which is about 41 mins from where I live good timing and knowing where you’re going will probably save time too I can literally take the city bus here and back home if I needed to. There’s no excuse.

Walking on this bridge was a challenge it’s a mind thing had I not seen the holes in the bridge I wouldn’t have walked in fear cause man, you’ll appreciate the things in your hand a lot more especially the fear of dropping a cell phone, diamond ring, keys, or anything of value right into the river. I’m learning to have fun doing the scary things.

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