Sarah Morgan’s Carriage House

In 1893 Sarah Morgan, sister of the financier J.P. Morgan which we know as Chase. On her property, the Morgan’s also built two charming brick gatehouses and a carriage house in the same decorative style as her mansion. The horses were stabled here and pastured in a large sloping field across Walker St. Upstairs in the carriage house were living quarters for the men who worked on the property.

Mr. Morgan knew what to do with teenagers that asked for work or to help out he actually took a teenager to work as an officer in NYC as an office boy on Wall St. In future years the young boy became a leading figure at both the Lenox National and Lenox Savings Banks. Uhh, Mr. Morgan, I need a job too. This is located 16 mins from where I live who knew I’ll live this close to the Morgan – Chase family. Lenox, Massachusetts.







4 thoughts on “Sarah Morgan’s Carriage House

  1. Lol my friend was saying the same thing but the mansion is coming along. This legacy has been in many hands and it finally got back to Sarah and the Morgan family as we see her brother was doing his own thing. I shall post the mansion next.


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