Here’s My Vision Board

Kick off your New Vision Board Now!

Have you seen your dreams in front of you or do you just think about them? I invite you to create a Vision Board so you can see what that looks like. Do you have the focus to bring your Vision to life? 

When you think and dream big your Vision Board will never be outdated and if so then maybe it’s you who’s outdated. Once you achieve something off your Board you’ll revisit your Visions often. Don’t put things on your Board that you already did add at least 5 new things you want to accomplish. 

Have you thought about being a host of a Vision Board party? If that’s too general narrow down a niche and create a focus. I remember reading someone hosting a Vision Board session for women in prison. A Vision Board doesn’t necessarily have to be your fantasy life or maybe it is, but creating a Vision Board with qualities that you want in your ideal mate might save you some temporary trouble down the line. Yes, a Vision Board on your future spouse. If you have seen my Vision Board before meeting me would that give you an idea of my future? 

Decide what brings you joy and fulfillment

Maximize your Vision.

Join your values and your Vision.

Bite-size your Dreams.

Let your personality Shine through.

Connect what you see to what you do.

Once you’re done creating a Vision Board don’t just put it in a “paper” junk pile hang it up and put it where you can see it daily. Your Vision Boards should help you WIN.

“For me, its more often that I care to admit. Being featured on Forbes has been on my vision board for two years now” Kyshira Moffett. 

“Vision boards aren’t exclusive to what you want to accomplish in 12 months. Your quarterly or even monthly goals can be expressed on a vision board too.

Science says that you’re 10xs more likely to achieve what you write down. Imagine your chances when you couple that with a vision board.

Make a vision board this weekend on the top three goals you’re looking to accomplish” Mattie James. 

Here is my Vision Board from 2012-13 after I put “red carpet” on my Vision Board my 1st red carpet was at one of Angela Simmons events (2013) I’m so in-tuned with reality I add things that are reachable. I’m a real person. 


Angela Simmons Fashion Show 2018


Here’s my complete Vision Board from 2018





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