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Time Management & Organizing

The Hard Stuff. Some of you are having a hard time with time management so I’m here to help. Let’s start with getting the hardest things done first. What is the hardest thing to do during your day? Whether that be returning phone calls, answering emails, cleaning the house. Start with the hardest task.

Where is your Attention going? When are you most active? What times of the day do you give your all? Break up things by the day or the time of day. For me, the mornings are the best time to execute and be creative because I know by 7pm I want to lay in bed and eat snacks and do nothing, by night time I’m doing what they call ”Daydreaming” and I love keeping my weekends for me and my family when I can. I get more done during the weekdays.

”The only way to manage your time is to stay ahead of it” Mattie James

The Benefits of Time Management

  • The early birds get the worm.
  • Manage your actions. (Prep an action list and put items into action) this is good for note takers like me who are in meeting after meeting then you’re trying to figure out what to do with your notes.
  • Be consistent. (It takes consistency)
  • Having a process and strategy. (Get better at something)
  • Keep a time log (be intentional with your time)
  • Writing things down.
  • Time yourself. (Listening to 3 good songs is about 15 mins)
  • Improve punctuality.
  • As an early riser do you just lay in bed once you’re up? Get out of bed when you get up don’t just lay there then you’ll be rushing all day to make up for wasted time. We all know what rushing does. It puts us behind.

Be determined to conquer your time management. Time management is extremely important when it comes to success.

Managing your time is essential in managing your life. It can make you or break you.

If you found more time in your day how would you manage it? Stop blaming daylight savings. The hour you lost was probably good for you cause you wasted it anyway.

Last but not least. Initial prepping saves you time throughout your week. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Here is a post on 12 ways to stay Organized.



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