The Winning Health Plan

Are you on a dietary regimen that fits your current situation? I’m looking to get on one myself so I came up with a plan that can help all of us. I just have to learn how to stick to it.

This plan is good for anyone who is looking to trim down and lose 30 pounds or less, post-baby body, overweight, or just looking to maintain your current body weight or shape. This plan will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus an exercise workout you can try.

For Breakfast: stick to foods such as fruit and yogurt parfait with the fruit of your choice. Here’s a post on how you can create your own Parfait at home. 2-3 scrambled egg whites with fruit on the side, you can eat fruit on the side of any healthy breakfast you choose. A green smoothie with a vegetable-based protein like Kale. I like Kale, Lemon Ginger, and Turmeric to feel like it did something to my health.

For Lunch: stick to foods such as: for meats try chicken breast or grilled chicken cut up in small pieces that would go perfect with any salad. Vegetables on the side of any dish, and or a tasty sandwich loaded with vegetables whether that be chicken or tuna.

For Dinner: stick to foods such as baked chicken, string beans, or broccoli whatever greens of your choice, and eat the potatoes you like, not everyone is a fan of sweet potatoes. Maybe you have a dinner plan that is working for you but you want to mix and match it up without doing the same ole boring dinner every other night. It’s good to try new foods and old foods in a new way. How many ways can you eat potatoes? Potato chips, French fries, baked, cut up with the skin or without the skins. Do something different.

Workout: for cardio: get 35-40 minutes at least four times a week. If you don’t know what to do when you go to the gym that’s what going to the gym is for look around you and see someone doing something you want to try then add that to your routine, read the machines, and equipment to see what works on what part of your body and then work on what it is you need to work on. You can also dedicate certain days for certain parts of your body. Monday’s are for legs, Wednesday’s are for arms, and Friday’s are for the full body.

Whatever you decide, stick to it with real discipline and get accountability partners. Go set up an appointment with your local nutritionist, see what your healthcare plan will cover and do what’s best to make up for what’s not.


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