10 Ways To Eat Healthier

1. Start the day with breakfast. You need some fruit, whole grain, and lean protein to start the day.

2. Skip the cheese if you want to hold the dairy. The only thing you can’t skip the cheese on is obviously a cheese pizza.

3. Create your own pizza. I have been thinking about this for months why haven’t I shared a homemade pizza recipe loaded with vegetables.

4. Have you ever thought about planting your own vegetable garden? Then you eat what you grow. Something I’ll consider when I become a homeowner.

5. Ask for everything grilled instead of fried.

6. When at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or whatever your favorite cafe is, ask for a small you are overdoing it with the large or the extra-large. Bad enough it’s a bad choice of drinks and then you wanna double the size. (No emojis)

7. Smoothies and fruit smoothies are the best way to go.

8. Do you have a local farmers market in your area? How often are you shopping there? See what benefits you might get from your local farmers market. Fresh produce.

9. Tea drinkers. Take time for a soothing cup of green tea or your favorite herbal tea.

10. Try a meatless meal once a week if you haven’t already stopped eating meat.

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