Organize Your Bookshelf

I wanted to bring you all (y’all) behind the scenes of all the content that I should be consuming, of course, I haven’t read all these books or even tried. I’m loving this spring cleaning I have been doing and getting organized with all my books and magazines. I’m not exaggerating when I say I can have a mini library in the comfort of my home the peace that comes with it. I usually tell people it’s the noise in their own heads because it’s peaceful over here.

Even when I’m on social media it’s for a greater purpose thanks for connecting. It’s unbelievable how I can make it look like I sit on social media all day. I’ve been sharing the genius in me since I opened up here on my blog don’t want ppl to assume. Who I am to you is not who I am to me. I’m a low-key educator I remember being under the age of 10 years old playing school with my dolls even though I don’t have kids yet I’ll have a passion for teaching. Do you know someone who has a Ph.D. in sarcasm but is in a very low economic class? I’m just saying sarcasm is not intelligence.

Get excited about reading make sure you schedule the time if you need help finding time to read check out this blog post on Time Management. One day when I’m fancy enough I’ll label the shelves by category I have an array of topics ranging from biblical, writing, publishing, business, real estate, lifestyle, travel, and more. I encourage you to read more, write your own book if that’s the case or start a blog like I did some of you are probably thinking like “wow Ranisha I can’t do this it’s too much” some things are not for everybody maybe you like to talk start your podcast. I know right, it is a lot writing content, reading content, lifestyle, taking care of home, and being at the top of it with no help. Y’all just see what I make look easy let me whisper it’s not that easy it’s hard because it requires a work ethic.

My bookshelf has collapsed but it’s still holding up strong this was one of the 1st bookshelves I got from Walmart and put it together myself.


This is my 3rd bookshelf that was given to me from my property manager.


These are a few restaurant menus that I have for my personal use. Chilli’s, Hooters, Cracker Barrel, and Chicken + Beer which is from Ludacris restaurant in the airport in Atlanta. If you’re a household that doesn’t know what’s for dinner every night menus are a great cheat sheet you can even mix and match. When you don’t have the menu check online for it and get some recipe ideas.

Here are a few magazines I use to get more recipe ideas I currently have 5 Food Network magazine, easy to read and follow. I’m a lover of cookbooks. That would be a separate post.




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