Peanut Butter Toast

Looking for something fresh and fast try this peanut butter toast. I am a fan of peanut butter if peanut butter is one of the options better believe I’m going with peanut butter.

I just realized I can do more with what’s in my cabinets than thinking I need to go grocery shopping for stuff I can pull right out the cabinets. Ask yourself do you have bread, peanut butter or whatever spread of your choice (jelly), fruit, nuts (trail mix) then you have a twist to plain toast.

I used smooth peanut butter nothing too creamy, crushed up some walnuts and slices some apples. I want to try more creative ways to eat toast. If you asked me to try this 5 years ago I would have said ewww. Now I’ll try anything when it makes sense. Remember dipping apple slices in peanut butter eating it like this is just a different way.





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