Spicy Walnuts

Making homemade snacks has never been an issue deciding what homemade snack to make is the challenge especially when you don’t step outside the box and continue to eat the same ole unhealthy sweets you been eating for years or maybe you stopped by now.

You never know what you can do with the foods right at home in your cabinet. Thinking you’re not a walnut fan well then use peanuts this recipe doesn’t have to be the exact same you can always spice things up and do what you like for your household. Want to keep the kids from eating your snacks let them grab a spicy walnut that should do it unless you have kids that love spicy foods and you can’t keep anything from them. It’s a burn sorry I didn’t know how spicy it was going to come out I’ll use more hot sauce next time.

Things are not that complicated it’s just all about trying something new. Don’t knock it until you try it or you can continue to eat the same boring mess you been eating.


1/2 a bag of California Shelled Walnuts

1/2 Cup of Sriracha Chili hot sauce

1 Tbs of Franks red hot sauce

1/4 of Granulated Sugar and then I glazed it up with Honey.

Cook time 20-30mins

You can add as much as you want you can take out something to substitute or more sugar and less hot sauce. Do things to fit your taste buds.






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