35 Questions with Ranisha Grice

1. Describe yourself in a hashtag? Hashtag #Lipfluence it’s all about the Lips.

2. What are your alter ego characters like? I’ll just have one and she’s a girl who can buy anything she wants at any price cause her father is a King.

3. Who would you love to make dinner for? I would love to make dinner for Serge Ibaka inspired by his YouTube show “How hungry are you”

4. How would you define your style? It’s not pricey I would say unique cause I need to know how to put something together from the clean clothes that are clean.

5. What’s your favorite drink flavor? Pineapple. I would love to have pineapple juice with Lupita N’yong’O she likes pineapple juice too.

6. If you had a tattoo what would it be? It would be a dagger in a heart on my forearm I always knew that something I wouldn’t get tired of and would love.

7. What do you have from your childhood? I have my diary from 1995 thanks to my grandma she randomly handed it to me years later my heart dropped it was definitely a moment.

8. Do you collect anything? Yes, I collect keychains I have a necklace with every keychain I had or just collected. Get me a keychain.

9. What actress do you admire for their beauty? I admire Nia Long, always been a fan of hers.

10. What’s the country you wish to visit? I wish to visit many countries.

11. Who would you like to have coffee with? I would like to have coffee with Taylor Swift we have a lot in common and a one on one conversation would be ideal.

12. What do you wish you can be more of? Brave. You can always be braver when it comes to going after what you want.

13. What kinds of foods do you like? I like homemade cultural dips and spicy foods.

14. Who’s closet would you shop? In 2010 Angela Simmons had a charity closet sale in LA and then she made it to where you could shop her closet from her website in 2013. Not sure if shopping her closet is still a thing. I would beg her for her clothes and I have but I haven’t worn anything of hers.

15. Who would you be friends with if you could be friends with anyone you want? I always wondered what it would be like to be cool with Solange.

16. What’s your guilty pleasure? Late-night snacks and unhealthy habits.

17. What do you wish your mother put you in as a child? Gymnastics or sports. I ran track for a week but I was very active growing up.

18. Who’s lifetime guest list do you wish to be on? Versace, Savannah James, and just ppl I admire with flawless connections.

19. What cultural foods do you want to try? Ethiopian. I have yet to try injera bread.

20. What is an easy recipe you want to make as a family tradition? Homemade personal size pizzas with light cheese, extra sauce, and all the veggies I love. Everyone else will make their own personal pizza.

21. What’s the best gift someone can give you? Besides a keychain I’m a little traditional I believe in cards with money in it. No, but a card is something I’ll keep forever probably longer than the gift. That’s a fact. Thoughtful things that fit me not because you got it last min or have money to buy it I know the difference.

22. What is one of your pet peeves? When ppl can’t pronounce my name. It’s 3 syllables that are easy to say. Ra-Ni-Sha

23. Favorite season? Spring and Fall weird to say cause I’m born in the summer but it’s too hot.

24. What would your ideal retirement lifestyle be like? I can live anywhere in the US comfortable & safe and have vacations houses in different countries.

25. What is a big misconception of you? I’m dumb or stupid and that I have to like you. Ppl will be so rude, unprofessional, nasty and still think you have to like them.

26. Who do you believe to be strong women? All the women in my family. Even women I have never met like Taraji P. Henson and Gabrielle Union. Do you know their personal stories? Those two strong women including myself when I think about it.

27. What is the one thing you are hesitant to do? Travel aboard independently by myself.

28. What sport do you wish you were good at? Basketball. I need books on how to play and coach. I suck at playing basketball. I can dribble through my legs though my nephew gets frustrated and doesn’t have the patience for me.

29. What are you like in person? Observant, fun, and business-oriented definitely going be thinking of ways to make us more money depending on how we connect.

30. What foreign language do you wish you can speak fluently? French, German, and Hebrew.

31. What is something you never understood about people? Those that get on social media just to say they hate it. Why bother.

32. What is one thing you want at your Dream House? A Guest House you need a golf cart to get to.

33. If you had a house fire what would you save and why? My laptop because everything is so digital that’s where most of my stuff can be retrieved.

34. What’s the geekiest thing about me? Knowing how to be analytical.

35. If you could celebrate your birthday doing whatever you wanted to do what would you do? Have a spa day at a beach resort.


3 thoughts on “35 Questions with Ranisha Grice

  1. If you ever visit Mexico , go to Guadalajara and they have these awesome keychain stores . Its basically wall to wall keychains . Oh and most restaurants serve pinapple juice 🥤🍍

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