Beauty Bar Skincare

I was looking for some Clinique products and I reached out to one of my homegirls from around the way to see what her store was offering and she mentioned, “she didn’t work for Clinique” but for ESTĒE LAUDER, I was like, “aww ok thanks” because there are limited products at her store which sell up to 30 different beauty brands she recommended me to travel to a bigger mall that would have the free Clinique 10 Day Repair sample I was looking for.

Guess what y’all she surprised me with some beauty samples I’m so excited I had to tell y’all about it. I do not take this lightly God sends a blessing when you least expect it and 9 days after my birthday I’m still getting gifts.

I received products from Clinique, Origins, GlamGlow, MAC, and Smashbox with a value that could possibly be over $550 in skincare it is very expensive to take care of yourself (self-care). This is what women talk about when we say “Spa Day” with the girls. I have 5 Origins facial masks including 1 for me and 4 homegirls the full-size products would be starting at $26.

This is the Bag that she put all the products in it’s the first magazine that ESTĒE LAUDER appeared in back in 1932 Harper’s Bazaar I’m probably not going to use the bag as a cosmetic bag but more for a notebook that would make more sense to me. Thankful.



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