29 Ways I know How To Survive

My economic class does not define me here’s a list of things I can do as someone who knows how to survive not based on how much money I have there’s always room for improvement like wishing I spoke two other languages, having my own plane, 3 vehicles, or knew how to easily translate exchange rates for currency between and among different countries (Depending on when you read this let’s say not yet) Don’t judge me I would love the help and assistance of someone that can help me gain more experience.  

1. I can defend myself physically.

2. I know how to keep my clothes from being stolen at the laundromat.

3. I can use cash for big purchases without having a major credit card.

4. I know how to use a knife as scissors.

5. I can entertain a group of friends with my personality and my stories.

6. I know what churches will provide assistance with food and shelter.

7. I know how to move in half a day. In fact, I like to move in the middle of the night without telling the neighbors one thing.

8. I know how to get and use food stamps if I had to.

9. I know where the free clinics are.

10. I am very good at trading and bartering.

11. I can get by without a car.

12. I know how to hide my car so the repo man cannot find it.

13. I know how to get by without having cable-TV.

14. I know where to get free clothes and school supplies for kids.

15. I have an online checking account and debit cards.

16. I know the best name brand in clothing. I can also shop at a thrift store.

17. I know how to order at nice restaurants but only in one language. I have several favorite restaurants.

18. I know how to help children with their homework and call schools for additional information.

19. I know how to decorate the house with different themes I do not need to hire anyone.

20. My family is athletic and active.

21. I plan my vacations in advance and look at the money for it a year in advance.

22. I can contribute to an employee stock plan.

23. I have a financial wellness coach to help me work on my credit. I know how to analyze my own financial statements. I’ve had credit cards.

24. I can get my hair & nails done in a salon.

25. I know how to host parties that “key” people attend.

26. I can be on the board of at least two charities. I donate to charities.

27. I know how to contribute to 4-5 political campaigns.

28. I support and buy the work of Artists & Art.

29. I have the provenance for original one of a kind items.

4 thoughts on “29 Ways I know How To Survive

  1. Lol as long as the value is the same I’m not doing thousand dollars worth of work for something that’s only worth $100 I’d say have a boundary for trading and bartering.

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