Over 20 Questions to Help you Plan a Better Lifestyle

Here is a list of over 20 questions that will help you reflect on your lifestyle and current circumstances be honest with yourself so you know what it is you have to do in order to reach your goals and get ahead in life. This 8 workshop that I facilitate helps you recognize the barriers in your life I hope you’ll take the time out and help yourself or someone you know.

Don’t just get by building your resources for a better life Get Ahead. It’s about building economic stability for ourselves. It’s about a better future for our communities.

Do you have enough income to pay for the things you need?

Do you have enough income to pay for some of the things you want?

Do you currently receive any financial assistance to help you pay for things?

Do you have unresolved debt issue or debt you cannot afford?

Are you currently employed?

Are you currently in college or school?

Do you consider your housing safe and stable?

Do you feel that you and your family are safe from violence?

Are you taking care of your health?

Do you have affordable health insurance?

Do you have any unresolved legal issues?

Are your children doing well in school?

Do you have reliable transportation to get you where you need to go?

Are you able to handle stressful situations effectively?

Are you hopeful that your life will get better?

Do you feel that service agencies understand your situation?

Did you change your goal from when you started the New Year?

Do you have a plan for achieving your goals?

Do you feel connected to your community?

Would you suggest Getting Ahead to someone you know?

Are you interested in making connections?

How do you plan to strengthen your resources?

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