Personal Finance & Business Money Management

Financial Wellness Services at the college I took advantage of this sponsored course that was sponsored by Guardian I’m not sure if many people knew about this resource free of charge Free 3 credit course: BUS 139 15 weeks one day a week.

Personal Finance Money Management offers in-depth learning to help you plan your financial future and achieve your life goals. It covers strategies to help manage budgets, expenses, and debt; save and invest for the future; plan for the unexpected. My textbook was also covered for free value of $131

This is definitely a class you want to put your team through classes like these should be a requirement to work in anyone’s financial department.

This class is good for reflection of daily spending habits.

  1. What do you notice?
  2. Can you change any of your spending habits?
  3. Will changing your spending habits help you attain your goals?

I suggest this to anyone that’s in control and make their own financial decisions as well as mistakes that way you can start over to get out of a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, save for retirement, save for a home or new car, vacation, 2nd homes, boats, RVs, etc.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself

Does your cash flow support your lifestyle?

Have you set aside money for certain purposes?

Do you feel comfortable dealing with your debt collectors or creditors?

What are some of your strategies for money management?

If you don’t stick to your strict budget you want to get out of debt or be able to do what you want to do financially.

Don’t just budget when you have a little it helps you for when you have a lot

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