Cupcakebands Fashion Show Inspiration

Cupcakebands Headband Collection

Over the years I have been planning a fashion show I think I started planning back in 2014 and just got stuck planning and that’s all it ended up being was a notebook full of notes and ideas.

October 2019 I was asked to have my headbands in a Fashion Show called Here & Now so I went hard for the fashion show because my headbands were in it. I got the sponsors and donations, used my marketing skills and promoted the event. I even got 30 + people to take the survey I created the survey as well. I designed and styled headbands for the last 6-7 years the fashion industry is mine as well if I don’t help anyone here’s an opportunity to help myself.

I have been taking my time with my brand for that exact reason not allowing them to just be and not allowing any and everything to be done with them. I had someone who thought I was gonna let them sell my headbands as their hustle uh No I’m a brand. If I want to do things the right way the first time I’ll save myself some trouble.

Not too long ago June 2019 I brought my headbands to Jayson Tatum’s basketball camp (Boston Celtics) where he was, so if you’re not seeing them in shows or at events there’s a reason they are branded differently from the 2nd hand shit that people are used to. You also don’t have a clue what designers are going through and the challenges we face because of our demographics.

I have to remind people I design headbands as a brand I’m not making random headbands to be sold at a flea market this is the real authentic shit smh So I determine how they get sold, where, when, and why. I am working on that every day there are rules and policies with our Cupcakebands Brand.

When people say why headbands this is why. Even though it reminds me of the snapchat filter. Let me know when you spend $29,000 on a headband you are my target, future Cupcakebands will not be for any and everybody I’m OK with that.

I will sell a Headband for $30,000




We are excited to have been invited to our first Fashion Show for our 2019 Fall Headband Collection.







Thank you to Adina Jewels for sponsoring my Headband table at the Fashion Show.

CUPCAKEBANDS HEADBAND COLLECTION Styled and Designed by Ranisha Grice

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