2nd Place Winner

Here are the gifts I won for my ugly Christmas sweater holiday work party.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the sweater I made, yes, I made it I taped some candy canes on it, and hooked some Christmas tree ornaments on it. I came in 2nd place out of 3rd.

I made it because I wasn’t spending a dollar to participate in work-related activities although it wasn’t mandatory I’m against having to spend money on work events I’m here to make money. You get the idea.

I’m always in survivor mode meaning I live my life based on survival so I go into things with a winners mindset if my family depended on it I have to take the cake if not a piece of it.

These are the gifts I went home with gifts I actually wanted and needed.

When I picked my gifts I was thinking like a blogger and a homemaker (the category). New knives for cutting veggies & meat and electricity without having electricity, a night light as well as for a rainstorm day. The Light Lantern gets charged every 3 months I’m so excited about this Bluetooth Light. The quality gifts you get when working for wealthy people.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic 3pcs Knife Set price may vary depending on where you get it Walmart $80


Coleman 360 Sound and Light Lantern price may vary depending on where you get it $36-$74 Walmart $62



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