Beauty Travel Bag On The Go

What’s in my beauty bag?

Many styles and options to choose from you can bring more than just one bag and then just have a tote bag to put all the little bags in.

This is the “throw in the backseat” of the car bag when traveled out of town or state depending on how much you getaway. I live between 2 states and I’m not from the state I live in so this bag comes in handy.

The purpose of this bag is to leave nothing behind save your coins no need to stop and buy a brush or chapstick I made this mistake one too many times. At the Angela Simmons fashion show, I was asking my photographer for chapstick or lip balm he wasn’t even a lifesaver. (sidenote) he probably said no not everyone is out here sharing chapstick.

Here’s Ranisha’s checklist to packing for the road even though you’ll be back within 24-48 hours this is a perfect I’ll be out all night and out of the shower grab bag, beside your overnight bag which is another post. You’ll pack your mask and eye gels for the overnights and other feminine hygiene products.

This bag holds at a lot of your confidence and if it doesn’t you’re probably someone who just needs chapstick and go. I do believe in natural beauty but this is not that post. Natural beauty is NO makeup at ALL. That low self-esteem you have when you’re around certain people grab this bag and if this won’t work the problem is bigger I have saw changes of eye color, skin color, hairstyles, implants, and more.

Funny to say that my beauty must-have item is a pair of earrings. I can wear no makeup but having on a pair of earrings can make me feel beautiful.

You won’t see everything listed in the photos you may also think of things I don’t have on the list like safety pins but I hope you can find something you’ll want to use or need in Auntie Nisha’s Travel Bag.

Can you live out of your bag? Who do you see yourself trading bags with? You’ll have to guess what’s in someone’s bag. I’ll trade bags with anyone who doesn’t share their bag with their children lol imagine a nice bag full of toys.




Change of clothes (joggers)

Device chargers

Highway Snacks

Hand Sanitizer


Motrin or Tylenol

Legal pocket knife and safety items

A clear bag for certain stadiums, or a crossbody easy to carry for carnivals/amusement parks

Marc Jacob’s Perfume 

Nude Lipgloss

Your favorite Lipliner

Lip Plumpers

Lash curler/Mascara/Eyebrow comb & brush. I’m not someone who does my eyebrows so I don’t have gel or an eyebrow pencil at this moment in my life

Eye cream

My favorite Eyeshadow



Favorite Makeup Brushes

Makeup Sponge

On the go Foundation and Concealer

Makeup Remover

Setting spray

Blotting paper/Translucent powder

Pocket Mirror



Bag just for Lipsticks and Lip stuff 


Travel size lotions or your favorite lotion




An emergency kit that includes hair ties, bobby pins, clips, needle & thread etc…. always bring your best even your hair clips are high end

Gum or Mints

Notebook/Journal with pen

Magazine/Book & headphones depend on if you’re driving or being commuted

Tweezers can be used for anything. The ultimate tool.

Wipes of some kind. Disinfectant or makeup wipes.


Nail polish. The color that you’re wearing and some nail polish remover with cotton swabs

My favorite product for Summer 2020 will be Sunscreen

Hope you enjoyed this reminder. Pack light and be safe.



2 thoughts on “Beauty Travel Bag On The Go

  1. Reminds me of when I was visiting family in Mexico . I had to bring my beauty stuff , and nintendo, games and mini shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste.

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