30 Minute at Home Spa Facial

This is a customized 10 Step Facial I’ll be adding to my routine these are the products I’ll be using courtesy of an long time esthetician who is also my coworker at the Spa she gifted me with these lovely and beautiful products valued OVER $ 1,151 (jaw drop) I can’t wait to try them all there’s a ton more. Thank you Amy (hugs).

1. Begin with washing your hands.

2. Pre-Cleanse: Cleansing Milk or Cleanser. Remove with a warm towel. This will remove oil, impurities and makeup.

3. Exfoliation: You can use a Polish, or a Peel. Remove with a warm towel. I will be using the Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel (value $195)

4. Tone: Hydrating mist or Toner using cotton rounds. I’m using the Ginseng Astringent Toner (value $17)

(Facial Massage) using a face oil and a complete remove with a warm towel.

5. Mask: Mask of your choice and remove with a warm towel. I’m using Naturopathica Moss Blemish Treatment Mask (value $58) I also like Sodashi Brighten Mask (value $120)

6. Tone: Tone again using your cotton rounds.

7. Serum: Massage in your Serum. I’m using Maya Chia The Highlight of The Day (value $42)

8. Eyes: Putting your Eye Cream under the eyes and also using an eye massager. Click the picture to get this product (value $139)

img_01809. Moisturizer: Massage in your Moisturizer.

10. Lips: Apply hydration to your Lips.

For a more in-depth facial if you want you can do a second cleanse after the pre-cleanse or if you have a face steamer, led lights, or you want to perform extractions you can add them to your routine as well.

To close and come to an end you can finish with 3 deep breaths of an essential oil in front of your nose.

Remember to keep your hands off your face and enjoy it.




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